We are the solar park construction company

For over 12 years, investors worldwide have chosen us as a reliable partner.

Worldwide recognition and a path paved by warm recommendations

Our main drive is to deliver high quality services to our clients worldwide in the solar energy industry. We passionately invest time and our greatest assets into training our team, while constantly setting new goals in terms of skill set and presence in the field of technological developments. We are proud to be part of this professional community.

Our mission and values

We believe in partnerships governed by mutual trust, a well trained team and passion driven performance.

We are transparent

We thoroughly and openly evaluate each project in terms of potential challenges, the needed time and materials, as well as the required number of team members.

We are product focused

Our team handles each project with meticulously contoured goals and a well constructed approach in order to meet requirements and deliver efficiently.

We are customer focused

Each project is handled with great attention to detail, driven by passion and fueled by a partnership built on mutual trust, reliability and commitment to integrity.

Trust is the building block of every successful partnership

The foundation we build all our partnerships on is the reliability reflected in our passion, professionalism and the performance of our well trained teams. We aim to constantly improve our performance and raise the bar in the solar power industry. Our reputation has been built on exceptional workmanship and a commitment to integrity.


We take pride in our ability to easily adapt to any construction site, where in the matter of hours or days we can look back on significant progress. We own the records of installation in terms of speed and flawless product delivery in every single project.

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Before the team enters the site they verify the conditions and report back to the office, to the strategy and performance department. In some cases the terrain may limit the access and the team needs to work its way around the perfect solution.

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Our team verifies the supply of materials in terms of delivery and makes an accurate action plan for a perfect installation. The distribution and waste management is done by independent teams under the control of our local logistics team.

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Quality check

The framework we employ ensures a clean, top quality service delivery. The last step in each project is for our quality team to check the final product and submit the receptions to the beneficiary in accordance with the project development.

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